A Telemarketer’s Script Module is critical to your success and MUST be integrated seamlessly into your Contact Center Suite’s CRM telemarketing module.  Used correctly, it will most certainly maximize your outbound calls. It is a well-known fact that a well-scripted presentation will increase your close ratios.  Used consistently, your sales will skyrocket. You or your agents simply read the on-screen Script you provide to them, and they select the appropriate Branching button (if available) as responses are received to Scrip questions, and as remarks are raised by the prospective customer.

You or your agents read the on-screen Script you provide to them, and they select the appropriate Branching button (if available) as responses are received to Scrip questions, and as remarks are raised by the prospective customer.

Call Scripts Work

You must use a Script Merge Module to minimize mistakes, and the Script Merge Module must automatically merge custom data with “data fields” such as the name of the prospective customer, or any other relevant, or useful data, right into the on-screen Script.

Consistent use of Data Merged Scripts minimizes distractions caused by questions and impromptu feedback which breaks the presentation. It is very easy to back-up a paragraph and pick-up the conversation after answering a customer’s inevitable question or remark.

Call Dispositions

After you have completed the scripted conversation, you will click on one of the pre-programmed “Call Disposition” menu buttons to automatically update the CRM record. The system then instantly moves on to the Next- Record-In-Database, resulting in no downtime or useless chatter with other employees in between calls.

The Disposition functions guarantee a maximum of actual calls placed per work day. In most cases, a multiplier of at least a ten times factor. The difference is amazing!

  • Call Dispositions are pre-programmed single click buttons that automate responses, they are multiple call actions that take place behind the scenes after only one single button is selected.
  • Call Dispositions are an essential part of Contact Center automation. If you consider contact information and Call Scripts as the front-end automation of Contact Center Call Campaigns, you can think of Call Dispositions as the back-end automation. They are an essential part of Contact Center “best practices.”
  • Call Dispositions capture, modify the CRM record and store the end status of completed campaign calls. They signify their state at a particular time.

With a Contact Center suite like Contacted, you can, with a little technical knowledge, create and edit your own Call Dispositions.  As you complete a call, you select a Disposition menu button and pick the Disposition that best reflects the end result of the call.

These Disposition examples illustrate the choices your Contact Center system may offer:

  • No answer.
  • Wrong or busy number.
  • Call back later.
  • No interest.
  • Schedule call-back.
  • Schedule a conference call.
  • Send information by email with any attached PDFs.
  • Send information by postal mail.

To appreciate their significance, consider a scenario in which you have successfully dialed fifty, or even a hundred prospective customers in one productive day’s work.  Without the ability to accurately and efficiently record the result or outcome of these calls you would be in a total mess. How could you possibly remember any details of the calls?  How would you remember and schedule multiple follow-up actions and avoid repeat calls to people not interested in your offer?

It gets even worse if you employ additional Agents who share a database that does not store Call Dispositions. Another agent may call the same person you have already called presenting the same offer. Regardless whether the offer was accepted or rejected, the called party would not be impressed. Automation is absolutely essential, not the least an automated Call Disposition system that is fully integrated with Call Campaigns and with the CRM database.

Call Scripts are critical!

Call Scripts are crucial because they maintain control and keep the Script focused towards the intended end goal. If you depend on the supposed experience of your “expert employees,” the net results will most often be LESS than satisfactory.
Maybe 1% of your employees are sufficiently capable of improvising, but the other 99% will always do better with a formal Call Script. A Call Script must be updated regularly based on feedback.
If left to their own devices, 99% of agents will invariably say something like “the Script doesn’t work,” or “I hate canned Scripts.” However, the documented fact is they will always attain a higher number of commitments in the form of closed sales when using a Call Script, than without one. The proviso, of course, is that you provide people with a well-crafted Script that is often updated.

A carefully planned and regularly updated Call Script will provide you valuable data that must be used to train other employees. It also provides statistical analysis that will enable you to review your business performance.

Contacted data entry

The Next-number-in-line Auto-Dialer

After placing your first call and updating the Call Disposition Panel, the Auto-Dialer feature automatically starts dialing the next lead in your database. The Auto-Dialer maximizes efficiency, the number of calls made, and massively increase the number of resulting sales closed.

When using the Call Center Software with an Auto-Dialer, your telesales employees will be more focused on dialing and not talk to other people in-between each call.

Increased numbers of calls made by telemarketers using Auto-Dialers are staggering!  And of course, commissions are greatly increased, which is a win-win for you, the Agent, and of course your customer.

Call Script data merge

  • The CRM module stores customer data, such as name, address, contact number, email address and more.
  • The Call Script module must be able to merge required data fields into the Call Script automatically.

Call Disposition Feature

The Auto-Dialer works best in combination with the Call Disposition feature, which records the outcome or status of a completed call.

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