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One Pacific Place
1405 Pacific Place 1
140 Sukhumvit Rd., Klong Toey
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

Phone: +66 02 254 5693
Mobile: +66 88 875 0538

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a User Guide?
Is Contacted really Free?
Yes, Contacted is absolutely Free.  Use it for as long as you like.  When your business takes off you may need more server space, the ability to import more records, or the ability to add additional Contact Center Agents.  We provide two upgrade choices, both very inexpensive.  Upgrade here

Can I really make money?
Yes, of course, you can.  Hundreds of thousands of people are already making money with Contact Centers around the globe, and the potential is hardly touched, why not you too?

Look, there’s NOTHING to risk, maybe just a little of your time.  My Contacted system is ready to go, everything you’ll need is included, all you’ll need is a little personal motivation.

If you’re one of those people that need to languish in indecision, or over analyze before moving forward, okay, I understand.  May I recommend that you read my book “Keep Calm and Contact” (free PDF) and then make the decision to be proactive and register your Free Contact Center Suite.

Get started today, you’ll be pleased you did when you are making the money you have always dreamed about making.

Is Contacted hosted?
Yes, we host everything!  No need for you to purchase expensive hardware.

How can Contacted possibly make money?
Giving a product for free at the beginning is a managed risk.  It is in fact, an inexpensive way to launch a product and it helps build customer confidence.

Our Upgrades are also quite inexpensive but not required until the client is up and running and making money!  We intend to keep our product prices competitive at all times.

Our initial free launch will probably be only for a limited time, or for a limited amount of new signups… so, if you are interested you should register soon!

Do you sell our information?

No, never!  We do not sell your confidential information to anyone, for any reason.  To review our Privacy Policy Click Here.

May I use your Scripts Free?
Yes, you may use all of our Scripts royalty-free.  They are intended only as a starting point for you, and you should edit and “tweak” them on a regular basis until you are absolutely sure that your Script is producing maximum results for you.  If you have written a killer Script yourself and would like to share it with others, email to us and if we agree we will upload your Script to our website and give you name credit.  “Remember… What goes around, comes around”.


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney