Find Your Niche

Offer Your Services to These Businesses

Signing NEW businesses 

Before calling for Customers

You’ll first need to contact the businesses that you will be representing.  Allow me to impress on you that it is very important to do your research!  If you don’t already have the business owners names, or the decision makers name and other important information like the proper spelling of the owner’s name, or the owner’s email address, you should invest some time calling to make sure that the appropriate information is updated in your prospect database.

You must be serious and professional about what you are doing.  As time progresses your cleaned database will become your very own personal Goldmine.  After about a week or so go back and call the businesses again using your Call Script, adapt (something like) the following Script and hone it daily until perfect for you.


Hello, my name is [Name].  May I speak to Mr/Ms. [ name ], please.  

[ Yes, how can I help you? ]

Well, I have a proposal that I am confident will bring your business more new customers… is now a good time or would you prefer me to call back at a more convenient time?

[ Okay tell me now ]

Well, like all business owners, I’m sure you like nothing better than receiving more customers, more repeat business, and increased profits, right?

Of course, and we speak to a lot of business owners in your area and most tell us the same story.  They mostly don’t have the time or the knowledge of how to prospect for new customers.

Actually, I represent a local Contact Center, and I would like to earn your business I have already created a sample Call Script for [Business Name] that I’m confident will bring you more customers.  

We act on your behalf, and we use approved Professional Call Scripts to make ordinary people aware of your services. 

What would it do for you if you if we found new customers every week, would that increase your profits?  My company is in a great position to make this happen for you.  

Would you be available for me to have someone pop in and explain this in more detail sometime this week?

Thank you, Mr/Mrs/Ms [Name]. I’ll look forward to meeting with you tomorrow.

Reassure Business owners:

You might say something like this…  

Just let me assure you that we wouldn’t misrepresent your business in any way.  We would qualify every lead before we even mention your business name.  You see, we promote our business by helping solve your problems. 

When we speak with prospects, we ask them what sort of referrals and references they would like.  When we refer somebody to you, it’s up to you to negotiate and earn the trust of the customer.