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Free Call Center Software

I prototyped and developed my custom online Call Center Suite and named it “Contacted” (as seen on my Contacted website).  

My vision was that Contacted must be a product specifically designed for start-ups and expandable to allow for multi-user global access. It must provide for global expansion and have the capability of adding additional Agents at a later date, Agents who could work from their homes as well.

Contacted is, I believe, an industry first in that it is a user-friendly system, packed with many of the useful features of the expensive high-end systems. Contacted incorporates a CRM but, equally important integrates the critical productivity features like Call Dispositions, Auto-dialing, and Data Merging into pre-written Scripts.

I decided that I would build and give away a free version of the full software, not a stripped down version, but the real product… just register and it’s FREE!

My vision is now complete, in use, and available to you today, and it is absolutely FREE!  It was a long climb but well worth it for me to achieve my goal.  It was a really a lot of fun.

It is so awesome working from home!

Your Contact Center Essentials

Once you have opened and configured an account with a Contacted, you are ready to setup and start working and making money from home with your Free Call Center Software.

Essentially, the installation and configuration involve the following steps:

•    Install the system as per the easy to follow instructions.

•    Import your existing database of prospects and customers.

•    import your purchased, or self-generated leads.

•    Write your new Call Scripts or adapt any existing ones.

•    Check that your headset works correctly.

•    Start calling!

If your Contact Center Suite is connected to a traditional telephone line, you will be using a freestanding voice system.  If you have a VoIP network connection, you need to make sure that your softphone is configured and working correctly.  If you intend using Skype, download and install this application on your computer.

Free Call center software 2

The importance of the included FREE “CRM.”

Our intuitive CRM allows you to “set and forget” leads already called, and enables you to go from “Cold Lead, to Sale” in the most efficient manner, usually by following the “Sales Funnel.”

You’ll stay on top of the sales cycle with “auto-reminders” that let you know when it is time to call again and what is to be discussed on the call.  You may also have created and advance scheduled emails that are to be sent.

Based on the configuration settings and the information you feed into the CRM from previous communications, the CRM will do most of the future thinking for you.  Tasks like Reminders, Call follow-up’s and scheduled PDF’s to be sent can all be automated, and when done, posted to the CRM, and then the next Task will be set.  This is an almost impossible task to do manually especially if you are contacting and recontacting large volumes of prospects.

Successful sales campaigns are all about creating relationships.  A good, Call Center Suite like Contacted is essential if you want to be successful at creating lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships that will eventually turn into sales.


Basic Steps

01  Start with this:

  • Activate Contacted, about 10 mins.

02  Then do this:

  • Learn the software, about 1-2 hours.

03  Then do this:

  • Fine tuning your Script, about 1-2 hours.

04  Afterward, do this:

  • Find customers, about 4-8 hours.

05  Finally, do this:

  • Get paid, about 1-2 weeks from now!

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