What is Contacted?

Run a profitable home-based business without needing to purchase anything!  We’ll show you how to make an outstanding income from the comfort of your home!

Using our FREE Contact Center Suite Software, you can help businesses find new customers, either locally or internationally.

Let’s say you have a local hairdresser or restaurant, you simply ask them if they would like to receive more business; of course, they do, and you can help them get new customers.  Your efforts combined with our step-by-step system will help you find new customers for your clients.

Become your own boss, in just one day!

Benefits You’ll Enjoy



There really is no cost to get started, or obligation to use our Contacted system, because it is completely FREE, for as long as you want, and guess what… there’s no catch!


Become an Entrepreneur

Locate your first business customer (probably on your first day) and sign them up to help them with their marketing, at that very moment you become an “Entrepreneur” in control of your own future!


Work From Home

You’ll enjoy a fabulous new quality lifestyle, you’ll be able to take care of your loved ones, and you can even work from the comfort of home.


Quit your Lousy Job

Don’t stay in a job you hate just because you need the money.  With our systemic approach, you could quit tomorrow and be up and running and making money the same day!


Work from anywhere

With Contacted you can earn as much money as you want, work from your home, anywhere in the world, in fact, you could even work from a coffee shop or even the beach.

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A Few Interesting Facts

  • Most people hate their jobs and would like to work from home
  • Businesses don’t have the time to do marketing themselves
  • Businesses don’t have the tools to do marketing themselves
  • Businesses need you to help them with their marketing


The Tools You’ll Need

Once you have activated your system, we help you with ideas for finding customers to kick-off your new business.  For example, maybe you know a local shop that needs help with marketing. We provide sample Scripts, detailed guides and sample contracts on how to offer your services in a professional manner.



You’ll Also Receive

  • Once you’ve signed up, you receive our easy step-by-step guide on how to setup and use Contacted
  • Free online support through our expert teams around the world
  • Free call scripts to use with your customers
  • Guides of how to find prospects for your customers


My Book Will Guide You

I am so sure about my product Contacted and how EVERONE can make money, I have written and published my book Keep Calm and Contact, available at most online booksellers, or you can simply read the PDF.  

Please don’t over complicate this business; it is straightforward and easy, let’s keep it that way!

Author Peter Spary


Your Guarantee

The Home Package is 100% Free.  If you later decide to upgrade to either our Professional or Corporate Package, we offer a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.  

If in any month you decide to stop using Contacted, for ANY reason, simply select the Cancel Service button, and the unused portion of the then current month will be fully refunded.  No contracts, no headaches.


Let’s Get Started

Here’s an example of how quickly you can get set-up and started making money with your new home-based business.

Contacted dollars


  • Activate Contacted, about 10 Mins
  • Learning the software, about 1 hour
  • Fine-tuning your Script, about 1-2 hours
  • Finding customers, about 4-8 hours
  • Getting paid… 1 to 2 weeks from now!

We are Here to Support You!

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