My Story

As the founder and CEO of a software development company established in 1987, now with offices in four countries, I can confidently say that my business could have greatly benefited from a mutually beneficial relationship with a “reputable” Contact Center company.

I can truthfully say that I was frustrated with the limited collection of poorly developed and overpriced Contact Center service providers available to me at that time. Some were okay, but most were dreadful!

I was most surprised to discover how obscenely expensive nearly all of those providers were.

Also, most seemed to focus on churning through new customers instead of working as a strategic partner to help and to become a part of their customers’ success. They didn’t even seem to care about building future relationships.

During the time I was searching for a good but inexpensive Contact Center provider for myself, I was also in the process of expanding my Florida USA office by opening another software development and customer support office in Manila, Philippines.

I quickly realized that there was an untapped niche market clamoring for an inexpensive Contact Center solution. I realized that there are thousands of already Contact Center trained and highly motivated Filipinos searching for an income opportunity they could run from their homes. In many cases, these people were unemployed, short on cash, but extremely hard workers when given a chance.

In the right place at the right time

By the way, the Philippines is now a HUGE Contact Center country just like India, with many big-name “Fortune Companies” utilizing their talents for global support, sales, and services. Such companies include:

  • Chase Bank
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Dish Network
  • National Rental Car
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Wells Fargo
  • United Health Care Group

No doubt about it, the global Contact Center business is BOOMING!

I visualized my company being able to provide cost effective services for and on behalf of my existing customers. Services like taking orders and providing support, not only for dealers and distributors but also my customers.

“If only I could…”

I imagined starting a global 24/7 business, all with very little, or no risk at all. I knew there was a market niche. If only I could get my head around what this untapped group of highly motivated entrepreneurs needed. I knew that paying tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Contact Center setup was ludicrous and that there had to be a better way.

Recognizing this demand, I realized that an inexpensive Contact Center Suite run from home would empower not just Filipinos but also anyone living anywhere in the world. Anyone wanting to start a home-based business that provides a lucrative income opportunity in an industry where everyone has a very high probability of success.

The potential for a home-based, low cost, Contact Center Business is potentially staggering, as far as I am concerned.

So, I prototyped and developed my custom online Call Center Suite and named it “Contacted” (as seen on my Contacted website). I was so lucky that this fantastic URL was available for a reasonable price, so I snapped it up and got started developing my vision.

My vision was that Contacted must be a product specifically designed for start-ups and expandable to allow for multi-user global access. It must provide for global expansion and have the capability of adding additional Agents at a later date; Agents who could work from their homes as well.

Contacted is, I believe, an industry first in that it is a user-friendly system, packed with many of the useful features of the expensive high-end systems. I needed a product that incorporates a CRM but, equally important, integrates the important productivity features like Call Dispositions, Auto-dialing, and Data Merging into pre-written Scripts. I also had to keep the price acceptable (a lesson from Henry Ford) to the masses. I knew the price needed to be under US$100 to make it a unique product offering, an “impulse purchase.”  (Later I decided to add an absolutely FREE version so that people can use Contacted unrestricted.)

My vision is now complete, in use, and available to you today. It was a long climb but well worth it for me to achieve my goal. It was a lot of fun.

My ideas are substantially different

My ideas are substantially different from the mainstream Contact or Call Center Suppliers and Agents that are spread out around the world. So are my products, and so is my business model approach and my vision.

Having owned a successful computer software programming company with offices in four countries for over a quarter century, I have had a good deal of experience interacting and working with Contact Center businesses. I have also had first-hand experience dealing with the different types of business models. But I am sorry to say they were mostly negative experiences!

Pay now, and we’ll produce later

I became very disappointed and frustrated with the methods applied by most of the then available Contact Center Agents and how they went about selling to their customers, in this case, me!

Most of the time, they told me how wonderful their services were and how they would bring me loads of new prospects, leads, and sales. And with their experience, they would “do it all for me.” Behold, they always failed.

When I showed up on their doorstep demanding to know why they continued to take my money without producing results, it immediately and instinctually became a game of blame transference, so I know it was a regular occurrence for them. Mostly, they said that “surely it must be your product” or “the Call Script needs tweaking,” blah, blah, blah. They would say anything to buy more time and extract more money from me with only minimal efforts applied to actually producing results.

The truth is that they failed because they “over promised and under delivered.” These supposed professional Contact Centers failed to produce to my expectations, which were contractually agreed. They would blame my product, ask for more money, more time, or both, to get the job done. Of course, they always offered lame excuses for not producing as promised.

Old style Contact Centers have obvious flaws

The cost of setting up a traditional Contact Center is extremely high because of the expense of technology; software and hardware that comes at a very hefty price.

Employing well trained and experienced people is also expensive, and staff turnover in the industry is high. Faced with the additional expense of training and retraining makes the cost of the traditional Contact Center setup a very high-risk business model.

After many such miserable experiences, I set about analyzing the existing Call Center business models to find out if there could be a better way.

I have uncovered a better way

It seems that the existing Contact Center business model that benefits mainly from failure is unethical. It is also an appalling foundation on which to build a successful long-term business strategy.

If everyone were to go through my experiences, would they not fail also? Indeed, they would also be bound to fail, right?

Surely there had to be a solution in which the Contact Center and their customers both win. My thoughts were that there has to be a win-win solution! A solution, in which the task of building a Contact Center Suite would allow me to achieve my business goals and my marketing vision.

My vision was a business model that would be success oriented, both for the Contact Center and the customer and not just a quick money grab. I just knew this had to be possible.

Today, I am delighted to inform you that my team and I have developed my solution, Contacted, and it is ready and available to anybody with a touch of entrepreneurial spirit who want to start their own home-based business and, of course, make serious money.

My industry changing product is called “Contacted,” and you can read more about it in the following chapters, or at You may, of course, use any other Contact Center Suite software that you desire. I recommend Contacted because it is my own product.

Based on my own experience, which I have outlined, I have sound reasons to recommend my own product. I am con dent that my company and I have built a product that the Contact Center market needs. Its low price makes it a low-risk business opportunity for people who want to launch their own home-based business. It also fills a void in the marketplace that enables educated and ambitious people to serve a market that is growing exponentially.

It requires no special skills that an average person with some degree of entrepreneurial spirit cannot master.  The following will explain in detail how you can get started.

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