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Smartphone App for Contacted

The Contacted mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on all Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. 

The Contacted app is FREE and is very easy to use.  The app is designed for use with multiple mobile operating systems, such as the Apple, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry etc.

With your Contacted CRM and the Contacted Telemarketing Module you can access and manage your live data remotely, make calls from your Smartphone and update your CRM with calls, tasks, appointments etc, as you go.  Access all live history, calls, memos, and other information right on your mobile device.

You will be truly mobile with this amazing FREE app.

Imagine an office on the beach, on the train or bus… in fact, anywhere you go that has internet access!

Information on accessing this app can be found in the User Manual and the FAQ system.  It is as simple as going to any browser, entering your account and password… the mobile app intelligently loads.  Save a bookmark and you are ready to go-mobile at a moments notice.

DEMO the Smartphone APP


Plastic Card Contacted FRONT Final  Plastic Card Contacted BACK

Pre-paid Scratch Cards, ideal for… 

Real estate, network-marketing, insurance companies, financial, 
commission only agents, canvasing, offshore telemarketers, gifts, bonuses and prizes etc.

Now you can motivate your global distributors and sales people with a time proven tool.  Help your valued network marketing (MLM) distributors dial-for-dollars and quickly build, massive, motivated, duplicatable downlines.  Contacted is a recruiting tool, which if used properly will out produce any other form of sponsoring tools or techniques.  Both heavy-hitters and newbie distributors will exceed their and your wildest recruiting dreams with this powerful CRM Recruiting system.

Use, because it is a Win-Win for all

Ask about special deep price discounts for volume purchase.  Our unique scratch-off cards can be both sold or gifted.  Our keen pricing allows you to even include Contacted in your company distributor kit, or as a shopping-cart commissionable retail product too… call today about pricing and shame the competition.