Marketing for Hair Dressing Salons

So You Have Decided to Choose Hair Dressing Salons as Your Marketing Niche. Here Is a Step-by-Step Process of How to get Hair Dressing Salons Business Owners as Your New Customers

What is unique about hairdressing shops?  Let’s explore how you can help hairdressers market their business and find more clients.

Step 1 – Niche Profile

Hairdressing shops are typically operated with direct owner involvement and a low number of employees, usually 2-4 people.  Their preferred location is in a shopping mall.

As a “hands-on” customer care business, the shop owner may have limited time to market the business and instead relies on “passersby,” or adverting in local newspapers.

Step 2 – Selling to this Niche

Find hairdressing saloons in shopping centers, in the phone book, or in the ads section of local newspapers. Contact the shop owner directly, preferably in person, and offer to find new customers for the store in return for a commission.

Persuade the store owner to provide an incentive for customers to visit the shop.  Ask the shop owner what heartfelt sentiments motivate women to visit a hairdressing shop and agree on some time-limited one time offer that she can offer.

Step 3 – How to Sign Them Up

Let’s get started with finding more customers for a local Hairdressing Saloon.

Step By Step with Contacted

Your task now is to write a Call Script that appeals to heartfelt sentiments that create a desire for hair care and to offer the incentive agreed with the shop owner.

Niche Script

You have identified what motivates women to visit a hairdressing salon. Your task now is to write a call script that appeals to emotional sentiments that create a desire for hair care and to offer the incentive agreed with the shop owner.  Get busy with the local phone directory. You ask to speak to the lady of the household.

Example Script

Am I speaking to Mrs. [X], or is it Ms. [X]?

My name is [x]. I am calling on behalf of the Fashion Den Hair Dressing Saloon in [location]. Can I take a moment of your time and tell you about a special offer they currently offer to new clients? I feel sure this offer will appeal to you.

Thank you. First, could you tell me if you a home-bound housewife, or working full-time?

Great, I know that housewives also want to take pride in their appearance and reward themselves on occasion. The Fashion Den currently has an offer I’m sure you would appreciate. If you agree to visit during the next week, they will give you a FREE [whatever agreed with shop owner] and FREE information on the latest and most affordable hair care products.

Can I make an appointment for you now? She has reserved Thursday and Friday afternoon for new clients.

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Always ask for Referrals!

We recommend that both you and the vendor sign a "Work For Hire Agreement" to specify the terms of your agreement accurately and to define the revenue split, salary, or commission, that you'll receive, and of course, to define when you get paid.

Here are a few examples of different starter  Agreements* [Work for Hire Agreement] that you could adapt for your own use.

*Always have an attorney review all legal documents before using.

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