Marketing for Home Security Services

So You Have Decided to Choose Marketing for Home Security Services as Your Marketing Niche. Here Is a Step-by-Step Process of How to do Marketing for Home Security Services Business Owners.

“Once bitten, twice shy,” they say.  Home intruders prowl neighborhoods looking for easy targets.  Let’s see how you can earn some money by helping homeowners, shops, and other business premises, and stop crooks in their tracks.

Step 1 – Niche Profile

Security companies market their products online and with newspaper advertisements. They mark their service vehicles marked with their company name, service details, and contact numbers.

You can approach many different businesses and offer to market their services and home security solutions with a custom call campaign, designed to contact homeowners, shops, and commercial companies in the area.

Step 2 – Selling to this Niche

Learn what products and the services each client offers. Learn how to differentiate between different suppliers. Which have suppliers the best reputation? Look at their website for references and testimonials.

Call prospects and offer a free property security survey. This is something suppliers routinely do, but you can contact many more decision makers than they can. Surf the Internet and gather statistics about home intrusions in the area you service and start dialing.

Step 3 – Securing a Service Agreement

You can download a Services Agreement template from Use Schedule B of this template to specify payment as a fixed fee, as commission, or royalties. A fixed fee is the easiest payment method to manage.

This Services Agreement is an example. You may wish to consult your lawyer. You must secure a contract to ensure payment for your services. Discuss the most suitable arrangement with your customer.

Step By Step with Contacted

Get started and find the security solutions both homeowners, shops, and office proprietors need and must have.

Niche Script

Prepare to discuss different security solutions but focus on arranging a home visit by the supplier.  Make the prospect aware that insurance premiums come cheaper with an installed security system.

Example Script

Hello [Mr/Mrs. Name], are you the homeowner at this address? My name is [Name] from [Company] Security Services.

I am calling to offer you a free Home Security Survey and to tell you how we have already improved home security for many homeowners in your area.

May I ask you a couple of quick questions?

Do you already have a home security system installed in your home?

Would you be interested to learn how we can improve your personal safety, and help prevent unauthorized home intrusions?

You may know that … ( add your quote relevant to home intrusion statistics, do a web search).

With your permission, Mr/Mrs [name]. I would like to book a time convenient for a FREE home security survey. Would tomorrow at _____ be OK with you?

(no) Okay, when would be better for you?

Okay great, I’ll send you some information by email now and follow up to confirm your availability before coming? Do you mind giving me your email address?


Marketing for Home Security Services

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Always ask for Referrals!

We recommend that both you and the vendor sign a "Work For Hire Agreement" to specify the terms of your agreement accurately and to define the revenue split, salary, or commission, that you'll receive, and of course, to define when you get paid.

Here are a few examples of different starter  Agreements* [Work for Hire Agreement] that you could adapt for your own use.

*Always have an attorney review all legal documents before using.

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