Marketing for Lawn Care Companies

So You Have Decided to Choose Lawn Care Providers as Your Marketing Niche, Here Is a Step-by-Step Process of How to Find Lawn Care Business Owners as Your New Customers

Step 1 – Help find new Customers

One of the best ways to find businesses that offer local lawn care services is to speak with your neighbors and friends and ask who they use. That way you can contact their provider through a personalized introduction, and that will almost always seal the deal right there.

You’ll be asking if you can help them market their Lawn Care services better and to a wider audience, so you’ll be doing them a huge favor, while you are finding your feet with your new home-based business.

Another great place to find this type of customer is in the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Grab your local newspaper and look at the back for the classified advertisements and give them a quick call to offer your unique services.

Step 2 – What to Say to Them

What your prospective customer wants, is more customers!  And this is where you come in.  You will be offering, in return for a good commission, new customers for their lawn care company.  Once they start to see new customers coming in and using their services, you’ll also have built a valuable ongoing “relationship.”

Start by asking where they currently advertise and what is working, or not working for them. You’ll be offering an additional marketing channel, through calling potential customers and letting them know about your client’s professional Lawn Care service.

They will expect that you will want a big payment up-front, so be sure to explain that you only take a “fair” commission, or, only for new customers you bring in.

Step 3 – How to Sign Them Up

Ask about how they deal with acquiring new customers at the moment.  Explain how you will improve their efforts and quickly fit your service in with what they are currently doing, and that you will greatly increase their business expansion, through your new skills as an innovative, new concepts, a Marketing Entrepreneur.

Signing up new Lawn Care customers is time-consuming for busy people to undertake themselves, so be sure to tell them how you are going to provide the entire marketing project for them, and that you’ll guarantee to be bringing on new customers for them.

Step By Step with Contacted

Let’s Get Started With How to Sign-up Your Own Marketing to Lawn Care Providers Now!

Lawn Care Service

Sample Call Script

People need their lawns mowed and gardens beautified regularly, and they usually hate doing it themselves!

Why not call the local Lawn and Garden companies listed in the local Yellow Pages and offer them your Contact Center Services. Offer to inform local residents in their area, that you can have someone qualified to fertilize and mow their lawns. And, of course, provide them with a free quote for this service.

Offer to inform local residents that you can have someone, fertilize and mow their lawns and provide a reliable and cost-effective ongoing service. And, of course, you’ll provide them with a free quote for this service.

Here is a sample starter Script that you can modify for your own use:

Hello, my name is _______ I am calling from “Beautiful lawns and Gardens Company“.  We beautify homes in your area, supply fertilizers and provide full ongoing maintenance services, and I was wondering if I might stop by your home and give you a free inspection and a free quote to keep your garden in tip-top condition?

Are you available anytime tomorrow?  … pause… There’s no obligation.

Your local lawn care service

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Always ask for Referrals!

We recommend that both you and the vendor sign a "Work For Hire Agreement" to specify the terms of your agreement accurately and to define the revenue split, salary, or commission, that you'll receive, and of course, to define when you get paid.

Here are a few examples of different starter  Agreements* [Work for Hire Agreement] that you could adapt for your own use.

*Always have an attorney review all legal documents before using.

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So “in-a-nutshell” all you need to do is use our software to make calls to help local businesses find customers and new opportunities.

You can become your own boss in just one day, it really is that easy.  

And it is at NO COST to you!  And NO RISK to you!

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