Marketing for VoIP Suppliers

So You Have Decided to Choose Marketing for VoIP Suppliers as Your Marketing Niche. Here Is a Step-by-Step Process of How to do Marketing for VoIP Suppliers.

The traditional telephone handset has largely disappeared, edged out by cheaper and superior technology.  More Affordable VoIP networks dominate the business premises while mobile networks serve the domestic market.

Step 1 – Niche Profile

Voice Over the Internet (VoIP) replaces or upgrades the traditional PSTN phone exchanges.  It uses high-speed WiFi networks and an online user interface (a softphone).

VoIP suppliers also sell to domestic users with the promise of cheaper phone bills, especially for long distance calls.  VoIP providers are high-tech, national companies with dedicated sales and technical staff.

Step 2 – Selling to this Niche

Contact the company Sales or Marketing Manager to offer your services.  Because of their formal business structure, you may need to submit a brochure and written proposal that outlines what you can do for them.

Contact small business organizations and point out the cost savings in replacing their PSTN phone exchange with a VoIP infrastructure. You need to familiarize yourself with the solutions a particular VoIP supplier offers.

Step 3 – Service Agreement

You can download our example Services Agreement template from  You can use Schedule B of this template to specify payment for services as a fixed fee, as a commission, or royalties.

VoIP suppliers are larger companies with a sales and marketing infrastructure.  They may offer you a functioning affiliate agreement. Discuss the most suitable arrangement with your customer.

Step By Step with Contacted

Let’s get started with marketing to this more challenging niche market.

Niche Script

Be prepared to explain technical issues and advantages in using a VoIP network.  The supplier will be able to offer you documents that enable you to answer technical questions.

Example Script

Hello, am I speaking to Mr./Ms. [Name]?

My name is [Name].  I represent the [Company Name] VoIP network supplier.  With your permission, I would like to ask if you have replaced your traditional phone system with a money saving VoIP network yet?

The simple answer is that it offers you significant cost savings and replaces your current phone system.

If I may take a minute of your time, Mr./Mrs. [Name], VoIP uses an Internet connection for phone calls.  There is no degradation in voice quality, and the cost savings are real, particularly for long distance calls.

We would be pleased to send one of our representatives to visit you and demonstrate this type of service and its real benefits to you.

Would Monday next week be convenient for you, Mr/Mrs [Name]? Our rep could be there at 10 am in the morning.

Marketing for VoIP Suppliers

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Always ask for Referrals!

We recommend that both you and the vendor sign a "Work For Hire Agreement" to specify the terms of your agreement accurately and to define the revenue split, salary, or commission, that you'll receive, and of course, to define when you get paid.

Here are a few examples of different starter  Agreements* [Work for Hire Agreement] that you could adapt for your own use.

*Always have an attorney review all legal documents before using.

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