Distributor Recruiting Service

Distributor recruiting service is a service you could sell to many business types, one, in particular, would be network marketing or multi-level marketing recruiting also known as MLM.  MLM Distributors are always looking for new downline recruits and would love to have you distributor recruiting for them.

Although you are only “inviting,” you will be providing the all important distributor recruiting lead that “Bob” must have to build his MLM organization.

There are many ways you could be compensated for this service, the usual per call fee, or an hourly fee, or perhaps Bob might recruit all of those people you manage to persuade to attend the opportunity meeting for you, and place them in your “Downline.”

You could offer a service to do a pre-call on their behalf.

Here is a starter Script that you can modify:

“Hello my name is ______________, I am calling on behalf of Bob Smith. Bob asked me to invite you to his opportunity workshop this Saturday at the Hilton Hotel at 6 pm. There will not be any cost or fee to you because you will be Bob’s guest.

If you are interested in hearing about a way to make an extra $4,000 per month you really should attend, may I count you in and tell Bob to expect you?”