How To Start A Home Based Call Center for FREE

How To Start A Home Based Call Center for FREE

In the past, you needed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment, software, office space, and technology, but not now…

Over recent years Internet-based solutions have matured and are available without the massive cash outlay, and there is a lot of resources about how to start, implement, and manage your exciting new home based business, just by surfing the web.

Using IP technology makes it easier to connect to other agent’s, and all agents share the same online program and databases.

Recent advancements in Contact Center technology now makes the necessary software available for a total of under US$100, in fact, offers small start-ups their entire Contact Center Suite of Software products, free of charge!  Allowing budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to decide if the industry is for them.. and best of all there’s no catch.

Review and use the money making ideas detailed in the book “Keep Calm and Contact,” an in-depth step-by-step manual on getting started for under US$100, this well written and researched book is an excellent starting point.  In addition to the free software, you can download the book, also for free!

If you are considering starting a home-based Contact Center, you’ll not go far wrong with, an entrepreneur resource center that proves you actually CAN start a Contact Center at no cost or risk.

How To Start A Home Based Call Center for FREE

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