Work From Home With Your Own Integrated Instant Call Center.  Imagine yourself working alone from home and everything is going well, you are making good money, but then one of your regular customers asks you to assign an additional agent to them, on a full-time basis.

With your contacted virtual system, this is actually not a problem. Computers and software don’t care what time of day it is, or where your agents live. You can easily hire somebody who is willing to work with your customer’s business hours and specifications. You just assign the new agent a login and password, assign them your pre-designed Call Script(s), and they can be in the business of working for your customer, using your database, in literally minutes.

If you so desire, you can make your life more complicated and expand outside of your home-based business by opening a traditional brick and mortar office. This is an option if you accept the added expense and headache of renting an office and hiring additional staff.  From my viewpoint, why would you choose to do things that way? It is old-fashioned and absurd as far as I am concerned. It also defeats the whole purpose of starting a Contact Center from home. However, the sky is the limit, and it is your own decision.

The easiest and smartest option is to start small by running your business alone, from home. Then, later, when established, you can then add a few additional Independent Agent employees as you build your customer base.

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Why should people hire you?

Here are some issues your customers would rather avoid.

Contact Center equipment can be very expensive. It may be easy to have one person set up in your office to make calls. However, when you consider the need for call routing, Call Scripting, integrated software, and call distribution, it quickly becomes more demanding. Herein lies your opportunity to become the expert and offer your services to almost all local businesses.

Hiring employees is costly, time-consuming and it can be very stressful. If you hire an assistant to take your customer service calls, there’s a good chance you would pay him or her more in one day than it would cost you to use an external Contact Center equipped with the Contacted suite for a whole month. Also, you have to deal with scheduling, benefits, taxes, and all the other nuances of bringing on and keeping an employee productive.

Managing a Contact Center usually takes skills most business owners don’t normally have. The business owner would need to handle call volume, staffing, quality assurance, software customization, etc. These are things Contact Centers deal with every day.

Business people or tradespeople who try to operate a Contact Center by themselves will soon find that it becomes a burden they would rather outsource.

There’s a saying that “you should focus on what you do best” and, in most cases, that is running your core business.

As I have already stated, running an efficient and profitable Contact Center requires focus, dedication, and communication skills that you can only acquire gradually over time.

Busy business people have other issues on which to focus. They should do what they know and do best because they’re good at it. Taking time away from their core competencies has a direct impact on their performance. Handing their Contact Center work off to you allows them to stay focused on their business.

Remember, business owners may also appreciate that you have experience working with small businesses, so you should not be apprehensive about contacting them.

Faced with the opportunities just described, are you somebody who:

• Harbors the desire and ambition to start your own business but feels constrained by cost? 

• Feels bored and unfulfilled with your 9 to 5 job and dream about being your own boss? 

• Has the entrepreneurial spirit to start and build a business that is your very own? 

• Has the ambition to do something more than domestic tasks like childminding?

Your self-managed home based Contact Center may well be the ticket that can change your destiny. If you have the ambition and the desire, you won’t be disappointed, and you WILL be successful!

Grow your business

Just import your existing leads into the included Contact Manager (CRM), then create your custom Call Script(s), then click on the “start dialing” button and up pops your WYSIWYG data merged Telesales script… wow, just one more click and then automatically the next number in line is dialed!

The system uses your existing Skype account, no complicated setup and there are NO additional VoIP or phone bills. The CRM allows you or your telemarketers to manage communication with prospects going from Cold lead to Warm Lead, to Hot Lead, to SOLD Lead.

Your CRM will automatically notify you when it is time to communicate with a Lead, by sending an automatic “reminder” that a communication is due (something you cannot do without a CRM when you have many leads).

#1. The CRM

The customized CRM is included in your Call Center Package and will help you go from Cold Lead to Sale in the most efficient way. CRM’s allow you to “set and forget” leads. You’ll stay on top of the sales cycle by use of multiple “auto-reminders” that let you know when it is time to send the next communication, email or phone call.

The CRM does all the thinking for you, based on the information and instructions you feed it from past calls. The bottom line is that “sales are all about creating relationships,” and you’ll need a good CRM if you have more than just a few prospects.

#2. The Telesales Script Module

Our Telesales’s Script Modules will maximize your dialing and your close ratios, thereby skyrocketing sales for your company. You or your telemarketer’s simply read the script you have provided them. Even the prospect Names are “merged” right into the Script to minimize mistakes by the telemarketer, who often become distracted by their prospects questions and feedback. All your telemarketer does is read the merged script, click a few buttons, update the CRM and click SAVE.

#3. The next number Auto-dialer feature

After placing the first call, our Auto-dialer function will automatically start dialing the next lead in your lead database. Telemarketers are more focused on dialing, and not chit-chatting with other co-workers in-between each call.

Increased numbers of calls made by telemarketers are reported to be as high as 400%! That’s where you profit margins are.

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