Account Information and Store

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Account Information

This section describes the following screen and functions.

Users. This screen lists current users assigned to the account.

Contacted API. On this screen, authorized users can procure a API.

Disk Space. This screen shows: 1) Current disk capacity, 2) Current disk usage, and 3) Available disk space. There is also a function for subscribing to additional disk space.

My Wallet. This screen displays information information and functions for managing your the account status: 1) View Account Status including current expiry data, 2) Top up subscription payment, and 3) Subscription details..

Contacted Store. This screen has 3 tabs: 1) Premium Modules, 2) Templates, and 3) Contact Leads. The Premium Modules tab lists a number of pre-installed programs. Some of these programs require the user to open an account with an external supplier.

Report Bug. This screen has a function for entering system bugs encountered by users.