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Add Contact

Proceed as follows to add a new contact to the database.

  1. Click the Add Contact Quick Access button on the Dashboard Action Bar (if added to the Action Bar).
  2. Alternatively, select Menu > CRM > Contacts.
  3. On the Contact screen, click New on the Action Bar. The Add Contact screen is displayed.

  1. Add as many details as you have available about the contact.
  2. In the Categories field, you can assign the contact to a specific category such as position or niche market.

See the topic titled Create Contact Categories for instructions on how to add additional contact categories, especially categories that correspond to target groups.


Below the main screen, select of of the following tabs: 1) Details (home details), 2) User Account, or 3) Notes and Documents.


Add home or residential details in this section.

User Account.

Add user account details for employee or agent such as login details and access permission.

Notes and documents

Use this screen to add or view existing notes and documents relevant to a particular contact.