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CRM Data

This configuration screen is used to define and configure CRM records for Priority, Access, Status, Contact Status, Form, and Email. These records are displayed in many different functions of the system.

  1. Select Administrator > Common Data.
  2. In the table of Common Data items displayed, click the View icon for CRM Data.

Add or Edit Data Items

Follow the instructions explained on the main Common Data screen. See Common Data.

Common Data CRM Data Records


The Priority values are set as Low, Medium, and High.


The Access values are set at Public, Public-Read Only, and Private.


The Status values are configured to one of the following values: 1) Open, 2) In Progress, 3) On Hold, 4) Closed, and 45) Canceled.


If Used as the default mail client, its security settings can be set to: 1) TLS, and 2) SSL.

Contact Status

On deployment, the values available as Contact Status are: 1) Open, 2) New Lead, 3) Assigned, 4) Prospect, 5) Customer, 6) Canceled Customer, 7() Reseller, 8) Dealer, 9) Duplicate, and 10) Delete Duplicate.


Forms data has a key value of Action which, in turn, has the values: 1) Create phone call record, and 2) Create meeting record.


Email data record has a key value of Status which, in turn, has the values: 1) Draft, and 2) Sent.