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Call Campaigns

Campaign Objectives

Before you set up a call campaign, you need a campaign plan. You also need to complete few prerequisite steps in this system.

  1. What is your target market? In other words, who are you going to call?
  2. What is your campaign objective? What is your purpose in calling your contacts or companies?

Prerequisite steps

To prepare your call or email campaign, you must first complete the following steps.

  1. Set up Contacts and/or Companies.
  2. Assign contacts to a specific category. For example, if you intend offering a service to hairdressers, create a contact category called "hairdressers".
  3. Create a Call Script for the campaign. .
  4. Create a Call Campaign Listing that contains the contact details for members of the assigned category, e.g. "hairdressers"..

To complete these steps, refer to the following topics in this User Guide.

  1. Contacts > Add Contact.
  2. Call Campaigns > Create Contact Categories.
  3. Call Scripts > Call Script Templates.
  4. Listings > Create a List.

Once complete, you can set up your campaign. See Campaigns > Call Campaigns > Create Call Campaign or Campaigns > Email Campaigns > Create Email Campaign.