Call Campaigns

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Call Campaigns

To configure these settings, select Administrator > Call Campaigns in the Features Configuration section. The configuration screen has three different configuration tabs:

Default Call Campaign Settings

The first screen shown is where you configure default campaign settings.

On this screen, you can set the following default values for a Call Campaign:

  1. Select check box to use the campaign Auto-Call feature.
  2. In the auto-call delay field, set the delay in seconds.
  3. In the Use Auto-scroll feature field, enable this feature by selecting the check box.
  4. If you enabled the Auto-scroll feature, set the scroll speed in milliseconds. The default value is 150 ms.
  5. In the Allow skipping of records field, enable or disable this feature.
  6. In the Prioritize newest records first field, enable or disable this feature.
  7. In the Prioritize records with past due call back times, enable or disable this feature.
  8. In the Optimal call time start field, select a value in hours and minutes.
  9. In the optimal call time end field, select a value in hours and minutes.
  10. In the Filter out records not currently on optimized time, enable or disable this feature.
  11. In the following three fields, select your preferred priorities for using: 1) Work Phone, 2) Mobile Phone, or 3) Home Phone.

When complete, click save on the Action Bar.

Default Campaign Rules

This screen is where you configure Call Campaign rules which specify the follow-up actions to be assigned and recorded, as well as the records to be collected depending on the result of any one phone call. These latter records are called Dispositions.

The screen image shown below is contracted and shows only a few campaign rules.

While a little complex to set up, this is one of the most important system features because it is what determines the efficiency and productivity of your call campaigns.

Default Campaign Rules - Merge Fields

Automatic Reports

There are two separate Email Performance Notification Templates

These report can be configured by automatically inserting Merge Fields related to: 1) Employee, 2) Call Campaign, and 3) Report data.

To configure a report, select the Merge Field categories in turn, and insert the required Placeholders where you want them shown in the report.

Employee Performance Email Performance Notification Template


Employee Performance SMS Notification Template

Merge Fields

The available placeholders for Employee, Call Campaign, and Data are shown in the following table.