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Call Script Example

A very simple script is shown in the following image.

The Anatomy of a Call Script

This very simple call script contains three separate pages: 1) The introduction shown in the above image, 2) A separate page for a script on how to handle a rejection, and 3) A script page for how to present a follow-up call with the client.

  1. Merge Fields are automatically populated from contact data records. For example, the [last name] Merge Field will be automatically filled with the called party's last name.
  2. Labeled buttons take the operator to separate pages which display response to different customer reactions.

As seen, the script can be interrupted by clicking on the Rejection button. This link would take the operator to a script on how to best respond to the rejection.

Examples of the particular scripts for Rejection and Follow-Up are shown below

Rejection Script

Follow-Up Script