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Call Script Templates

Call Script templates are not supplied by because each template has to be customized for each unique Call Campaign.

However, the script template page shown in the image below is designed to make the task of creating call templates easy.

To access this screen:

  1. Select Marketing > Call Script Templates from the Main Menu.
  2. Click New on the Action Bar to display the template editor screen shown below.
  3. In the Name field, insert a name that uniquely identifies the call script template. You will need this when creating a Call Campaign.
  4. To insert Data Merge field into the script, select Target or Employee.
  5. In the list of data merge fields displayed, select Insert to merge a particular field into the script.

When using the script, the system will:

  1. Synchronize the script with an existing Call Listing.
  2. Automatically and sequentially populate the inserted Merge Fields.
  3. Identify the "next record to dial" from a specified Call Listing. This feature is part of the Next Record in Database Auto-Dialer.

Additional features of the Call Template Script Editor include:

       a) Add a Link Label that identifies the purpose of the additional page.

       b) Select the page to which the additional page is linked.

Create Collapsible Text in script template.

A list of collapsible text options can be selected in the dialog box shown below. To used this feature:

  1. Select a the type of collapsible text required from the list.
  2. Enter a Collapsible button label.
  3. Enter the collapsible text in the text field.
  4. Place the cursor in the location of the script where the collapse button will be located and click Insert Placeholder.
  5. Select OK.