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Change Phone Dialer

You obviously need a telephone system to communicate with prospective and existing clients.

Selecting Your Phone System

Your choices include:

  1. A traditional phone line connected to a PSTN phone exchange. It is not the most cost effective system to use.
  2. A VoIP soft phone. A soft phone is not a physical object but a piece of software that you install on your computer. The best known soft phone in use is probably Skype.

a) Contacted recommends either Skype or Twilio as the most suitable soft phone to use.

.b) Both of these protocols can be selected from the My Settings > Change Dialer drop-down menu.

c) Twilio requires an account set-up with the supplier. Skype can be downloaded from the Internet and is free to use.

  1. Other soft phone systems require you to open an account with a VoIP supplier of which there are many. VoIP is a far more affordable phone system to use.

To set up your phone system with CONTACTED, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Man Menu, select My Settings > Change Dialer.
  2. In the dialog box shown below, select your preferred dialing system.
  3. The default soft phone protocol in is "web callto" which is compatible with Skype, ExpressTalk, QuteCom, EyeBeam and many other soft phones.

Protocol Notes

No definite instructions or recommendation can be provided about the choice of phone system. The VoIP market is extensive and the choice of supplier also depends on what suppliers are available in your geographical location. What follows, are some general notes about voice communication.