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Clickatell is an third-party provider who provides SMS messaging

Refer also to the integration of Clickatell and Twilio SMS services in the topic SMS Settings

To view SMS messages sent via Clickatel for a specified period of time, select Administrator > Clickatell in the Third-Party Configuration section.

The system displays the following screen.

The system automatically records and displays SMS messages sent via the Clickatell gateway on this screen..

The screen has two tabs for viewing:

  1. API Requests
  2. API Responses

Filtering by TimeStamp

To filter the display to a specified time period:

  1. Click the column heading labeled Timestamp
  2. Enter Timestamp (From) and Timestamp (To) and click Show.

Records can also be filtered by category.Select Advanced Search and enter a keyword for: 1) Event, 2) Destination, 3) Error, or 4) Message ID.