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Common Data

Use this interface to configure the array of records that are displayed in the system, and how they are labeled.

You select and access different options and record by keys which are grouped as follows:

  1. Calling Codes.
  2. Countries
  3. CRM records divided into Priority, Access, Status, Contact Status, Form, and Email.
  4. Companies_Groups. editable but currently segmented into Customer, Vendor, Manager, and Other.
  5. Contact_Groups where you can create niche markets, business categories and contact groups for Call or Email campaigns.
  6. Contacts where you can divide employees for the purpose of managing access control and restrictions.
  7. Base_Notify where notification timeouts are set.
  8. Premium data, initially divided into status, type and source for Sales Opportunities, and List Building categories.
  9. Import data, where data import categories and limitations are set.
  10. ContactedBase where web form     days and hours.
  11. CallCampaign an important system configuration screen where Dispositions, Call Status, Rules, and Reports are defined.

Add or Edit Record Sets

Select Administrator > Common Data in the Data section.

Om the screen image shown below:

View Common Data Items

To view the Key and Value for a data item, click the View icon in the list of data items shown.

As an example, the values assigned to the Common Data item Contacts_Groups is listed as follows.

Add Common Data Items

Common Data items can be entered at two different levels.

Items can be added at the main level where they will be added to the main screen on which the range of Common Data items are listed (top screen image on this page)..

New Key/Value arrays can be added within a Common Data item (second screen image on this page).

  1. To add data items at the main level, select Add Array on the Action Bar of the main screen (1).
  2. To add data items to an existing Common Data group, click the View icon for the data group to which an item is to be added. On the following screen, select Add Array (2).
  3. In both cases, select Add Array on the Action Bar.

The following dialog box is displayed

  1. In the key field, enter a key phrase that identifies the data item in the system.
  2. In the Value field, enter the label the identifies the data item on system screens.
  3. Click Save.

Edit Common Data Items

  1. To edit a data item, click the Edit icon in the table of records.
  2. In cases where there is no Edit icon, click the View icon and, on the following screen, the Edit icon. .
  3. The common Key and Value dialog box shown above is displayed on which you can change either of these fields.