Configure Dashboard

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Configure Dashboard

From the Main Menu, select My Settings > Configure Dashboard. The following screen is displayed.

This screen provides the following functionality:

  1. Find screen applets
  2. Activate applets
  3. Configure applets
  4. Add new screen tab on which to place additional tablets

This is a custom made screen, designed for the purpose of managing screen applets. Users should be aware that there are additional options for configuring dashboard screen navigation. These settings are available through the CRM user interface.

To access these options, select My Settings > Control Panel > Quick Access from the Main Menu. Complete instructions are included in the following topic titled Screen Navigation.


These are widgets that display different records stored in the CRM well as widgets that display things like a Clock or Calendar.

Configuring Applets

Once in position on the dashboard, applets can be configured.

The following image shows the Recent Contacts widgets positioned in the narrow right-hand column of the dashboard (see above screen image).

In the right-hand corner of the title bar are 3 icons. Hover you cursor over them to find out what function they perform.

The following images show the Recent Contact applet displayed as expanded, and the associated configuration dialog for this applet.