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Control Panel User Settings

The Control Panel is part of the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) integrated with the CONTACTED Contact Center software. Most of the functions that can be customized on the Control Panel are related to the CRM database records and how they are displayed and used in the system. The function of each Quick Access button shown in the Control Panel is explained here.

To access the Control Panel, select My Settings > Control Panel from the Main Menu.


Use this function to change your password, or your email address.


Enter an email address to allow data notifications to be sent via email. You can also allow other people to set up alerts for you.

Browsing Records

This CRM configuration screen has three sections:

  1. Browsing records.
    Specify how you want to view records. If unfamiliar, you may want to experiments with these settings

  1. Default data view.
    Sspecify what specific records to display as a default. The choices are: 1) All records, 2) Favorites, 3) Recent, and 4) Watched records.

  1. Automatically add to favorites records created by me relates to favorites records you have raised.
    Set these record choices as Disabled and enable them as you become more familiar with the system.

Browsing Tables

Set the number of records you want to show per page. Set the remainder of the options based on experience with the system. The system default is 20 records.


The available calendar settings are self-explanatory. Set in accordance with your personal preferences.


This configuration setting was explained in My Settings > Change Phone Dialer. The dialing prefix is your country code

Email Identities

This screen lists the email client that the user uses when sending email messages. The default mail client of the CRM is RoundCube

Email Signatures

Click the check box on this screen to append a default signature to email messages sent


Select whether "all contacts" or only "users" are shown in the Perspective selection



Select how empty form fields are displayed. The options are: 1) text field, and 2) select field


Use this screen to select miscellaneous CRM options. The ten options listed are self-explanatory


Use this screen to specify how system Notifications are handled. There are three sections.

  1. General. From the drop-down menu, select whether notifications will be shown once or multiple times.

  1. Browser Notification - General. From the drop-down menu, specify that message should be close manually, or after a set time period.

  1. Browser Notification - Module Specific Timeout. Like message closure, you specify whether Watchdog, Messenger alarms, Shoutbox and Mail indicator should be closed manually, or after a specified time period.

Printing Settings

Select page format paper size as one of:

1)Letter, 2) A4, or 3) Legal.

Select font as: 1) system default, 2) Japanese, 3) Korean, or 4) Chinese

Quick Access

This relates to Quick Access buttons which can be placed on the Dashboard Action Bar, or on the Launchpad for navigational purposes. The selections are explained in detailed in the topic titled System Customization > Customize Navigation.

Regional Settings

This screen has a number of drop-down menus on which you can select:

1) Language preference, 2) Currency, 3) Date & Time format and Time Zone, 4) Location by country and state, and 5) Contacts display format.


Specify Watchdog content preferences as shown on the image below.

You can also select to have records sent to you by email.