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Create Call Campaign

Before you proceed in creating a Call Campaign, refer to the Call Campaigns topic at the start of this topic group. There you will find all the prerequisite steps you should complete before creating a Call Campaign.

When the prerequisite steps have been completed, proceed as follows to create a Call Campaign.

  1. Select Marketing > Call Campaign from the Main Menu. The Create Call campaign screen shown below is displayed.
  2. Click New on the Action Bar.

  1. Enter or select the following details.
    1. A name for the Call Campaign.
    2. The Call Script associated with this call campaign.
    3. Select the Call Campaign target. This will be a Listing previously created (see previous topic).
  1. Click Save in the Action Bar. The following Call Campaign Settings are displayed.


Select Settings in the menu bar to display the following configuration screen.

Most settings are self-explanatory. The following settings should be checked.

  1. Select the check box to use Auto-call feature.
  2. Select your preferred Auto-call delay in seconds.
  3. Select the check box for prioritizing calls with past due call back times if preferred.
  4. Set Optimal Call Time Start and Call Time End.
  5. Set sequence of phone number priority from the selection of 1) Work Phone, 2) Mobile Phone, and 3) Home Phone.

You can start the Call Campaign from this screen by selecting Start Dialing on the Action Bar but you should first review the next two topics, titled Call Campaign Rules and Launch Call Campaign.