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Create Email Campaign

Before you proceed in creating an Email Campaign, refer to the Email Campaign topic at the start of this topic hierarchy. There you will find all the prerequisite steps you should complete before creating an Email Campaign

When the prerequisite steps have been completed, proceed as follows to create an Email Campaign.

  1. Select Marketing > Email Campaign from the Main Menu.
  2. Click New on the Action Bar. The Create Email campaign screen shown below is displayed.

  1. Enter or select the following information:
    1. Name of email campaign.
    2. Select Type as Email Campaign.
    3. In Description field, enter a brief description.
  1. Click Save. If more than one email campaign is stored on the system, the following table is displayed.

  1. Click the View icon for the email list to use in the campaign. The following screen is displayed.

  1. Select the Import email addresses link next to List Manager if you want to import a csv file with additional email addresses.

  1. Select The List in the bottom row of menu buttons to add additional contacts or companies to the email campaign list.