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Create Sign-Up Forms

This form is used to sign up or amend the relationship status of new or existing clients.

  1. To access the Sign-Up form, select Marketing > Sign-up Forms from the Main Menu.
  2. Click New on the Action Bar. The screen shown below is displayed.

  1. Enter or select entries from the following drop-down menus.
    1. In the Title field, enter a suitable title for the form, most likely a contact or company name.
    2. In the Allowed Sites field, enter the URLs of sites for which this sign-up form applies.
    3. In the Submitted Messages field, enter details of any submitted message.
    4. In the List field, select the Call or Email Campaign associated with this form.
    5. In the Opportunity Manager field, select the name of the assigned Campaign Manager.
    6. In the Type field, select either New Customer or Existing Customer.
    7. In the Lead source field, select one of: 1) Website, 2) Email, 3) Referral, 4) Advert, 5) Call Campaign, or 6) Other.
    8. In the Status field, select one of: 1) New, 2) Prospecting, 3) Evaluation, 4) Negotiations, 5) Contract Won, or 6) Contract Lost.
    9. In the Start Date field, select either 1) On Form Submit, or 2) 1, 2 or 3 Days.
  1. Click Save on the Action Bar.
  2. On the saved form now displayed, you can copy the forms code in order to place the form on a website. The form code section is shown in the following image.

  1. On the saved form screen, click the Form Preview button to see how the form will look online.