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Create Task

To create a new task:

  1. Select CRM > Tasks from the Main Menu.
  2. On the screen displayed, click New in the Action Bar. The screen shown below is displayed.

  1. In the Title field, enter a task title.
  2. In the Status field, select one of 1) Open, 2) In Progress, 3) On Hold, 4) Closed, or 5) Canceled.
  3. In the Priority field, select one of 1) Low, 2) Medium, or 3) High.
  4. In the Employee field, assign the task to yourself or to a staff member.
  5. In the Deadline field, click to display a calendar and pick a date for completion.
  6. In the Customer field, start typing the a customer name stored in the CRM database. If found, the field will auto-complete.
  7. Click the New Note button if you want to attach a reminder or explanation note.
  8. Click Save on the Action Bar to save the task.

Screen Options

  1. In the Tasks sub-menu, located below he Action Bar, you can select and add New Meeting, New Task, New Phone Call, or New Note.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you can select to view Alerts, Emails, Pending Tasks associated with the phone call, and existing Notes and Documents.