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Data Import

To access this function, select Administrator > Data Import in the Data section. The following screen is displayed.

This screen shows two table entries which have been imported using the Upload File button on the Action Bar.

Create CSV File for Import

To import data into the Contacted database, the first requirement is to prepare a csv file containing the data records to be imported.

To do so:

  1. Create a .csv file and populate it with the required columns and column headings.
  2. An example of a company data file is shown in the following screen image. .
  3. Populate your csv file with the data to be imported and save the file.

Import CSV Data File

To import a csv data file, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Upload file on the Action Bar.
  2. In the dialog box shown below, select the csv file from your File Manager.

  1. Select Upload.
  2. The imported data file should now appear in the List of Uploaded Files but the records still have to be added to the database.

Import Data to the Contacted Database

To import data, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Import on the Action display the following screen.

  1. Click the icon Select Recordset to Import for the worksheet to be imported. The following dialog is shown.
  2. The imported data will now appear in the selected database recordset.

Create and Process Data Import Queue

  1. To create an import queue, select the Add to Queue check box in the list of imported shown in the screen illustration below.
  2. When ready to process the queue, select Import Queue on the Action Bar.