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Edit Listings

Editing an existing list is a two-stage process. Proceed as follows:

  1. Select CRM > Listings from the Main Menu.
  2. All existing lists are displayed in a table format as shown in the image below.

There are two options for editing the listing:

Edit Listing Details

To edit the top half of the screen:

  1. Select Edit on the Action bar to display the listing screen.

  1. You can edit the following details: 1) List Name, 2) List Building field, 3) List Maintainer, and 4) List Description.

Add new Note to listing

  1. To add a new Note to the list, click the New Note button to display the Note Edit screen.

  1. Select Select files to add existing document or image to the listing.
  2. Enter and edit note in Note editor window.
  3. Click the tool bar icon shown in image to display the advanced format editor.

Edit Contact Details

  1. Select an icon in the contact details table to add, edit, or remove a contact or company from the listing.
  2. Select the View icon for a particular contact or company details.
  3. Select the Edit icon for a particular contact or company to edit their details.
  4. Select the Remove icon to remove the contact or company from the listing.

Further options on this screen include:

  1. Select Add New to add additional contacts or companies to the listing.
  2. Select Call Campaigns to create a call campaign for this listing.
  3. In the Record Type drop-down menu, filter the listing to show only Contacts or Companies.