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Email Campaigns

There are two main methods for sending emails:

  1. You can send single emails manually via the Contacted host server. This interface is available in Contacted and ready for you to use. Select Send Email from the Main Mernu.
  2. You can send bulk emails but this needs to be configured. There are two alternatives available:
    1. Configure the MailChimp email marketing platform inside of Contacted.
    2. Purchase an account with an external SMTP email service provider like or

Before you do anything else, you need to set up your Email Server Settings.

Sending Single Emails Manually

To send a single email manually through the host server, refer to the following topic titled Send Single Emails Manually.

Email Campaigns

An email campaign assumes bulk emails sent to a list of contacts or companies. This requires mail distribution through MailChimp or via an external mail server.

Email Campaign Objectives

To set up an email campaign, you need a campaign plan. You also need to complete few prerequisite steps in this system.

  1. What is your target market? In other words, who are you going to email?
  2. What is your campaign objective? What is your purpose of emailing contacts or companies?

Prerequisite steps

To prepare your call or email campaign, you must first complete the following steps.

  1. Set up Contacts and/or Companies.
  2. Assign contacts to a specific category. For example, if you intend offering a service to hairdressers, create a contact category called "hairdressers".
  3. Create an email template for the campaign.
  4. Create an Email Campaign List.

To complete these steps, refer to the following topics in this User Guide.

  1. Contacts > Add Contact
  2. Companies > Add Company
  3. Marketing > Create Contact Categories.
  4. Listings > Create List.
  5. Email Campaigns > Email Templates

Once complete, you can set up your campaign. See Campaigns > Email Campaign > Create Email Campaign, the next topic in this section.