Email Campaigns

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Email Campaigns

To configure these settings, select Administrator > Email Campaigns in the Features Configuration section. The configuration screen has three different configuration tabs:


The first screen shown is where you configure default campaign settings.

There are six sections on this screen which are shown separately in the following illustrations.

Name and address to be displayed as sender

  1. In the Send from name field, enter the name shown as the sender. The recommended option is [first name] [last name].
  2. In the Send from address field, enter the email address from which emails are sent.

URL to follow after receiving a reply

  1. Select either Contacted or Custom URL.
  2. Select Contacted, to direct the sender to a webpage generated by Contacted. This would be a typical thank-you page.
  3. Select Custom URL and enter the URL to which the sender will be directed. This would be a customized webpage on your own website. In many cases, this is the preferred option as you can use this page for campaign purposes. For example, you can make an offer to the client, or suggest what action they should take next.

New Subscribers

  1. Select Disable if you prefer to enter all new subscribers manually.
  1. Select Enable if you wish to place a subscription form on your website where subscribers can opt-in and provide their email address. To do so, you can place the following <iframe> code on your webpage:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Footer and Subscription Management

Select one of the following default options:

  1. Disable subscription management
  2. Let the message author manage subscription links.
  3. Use fixed footer.

The option you select will have the following end impact on the subscriber.

  1. Disable means that the subscriber cannot notify you if they no longer wish to received email messages. This can easily be seen as intrusive on your part.
  2. If you allow the message author to manage subscriptions, they can use the Campaign Manager to insert a subscription link in their messages.
  3. The Use Fixed Footer option places Unsubscribe/Manage Subscription buttons in the footer of emails sent. See the right column entry "You can edit the footer by clicking here" in the above screen illustration. There is a link in the right-hand column which displays a screen on which you can edit the footer text..

Subscription Management URL

This option is similar to the previous New Subscriber option.

  1. Select Contacted to use a system supplied subscription management page.
  2. Select Custom URL with iframe to place a subscription form on your own webpage. you can place the following <iframe> code on your webpage:

<iframe src="<?php print(http_build_query($_GET)); ?>">

Tracking Image Management

Select Enable or Disable.

  1. Enable. This option tracks and notifies you when mail recipients open your email. Some mail clients display a warning to their users about this.
  2. Disable. You can only be notified if a recipient opens your email if a reply link is included and actioned by the receiver.  

Campaign Settings

Click the Campaign Settings tab to display the screen shown below.

On this screen, all Email Campaign lists created in the List Manager are listed.

  1. Select the Public checkibox to set an Email Campaign as Public.
  2. In the Public Label field, enter a label for the mail campaign.

Email Server Settings

Any default setting entered by the Administrator can be overwritten by individual employees.

Refer to Administrator > Mail Server Settings in this section for a full description on how to configure Mail Server Settings.