Getting help

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Getting Help has an comprehensive help system including an Interactive Help system available from the Start Page or from each individual screen of the system. There is also an online User Manual that an be accessed from a link on the Start Page.

Accessing Help from Start Page

You can access Help topics from the Start Page as follows:.

In both cases, the following Help screen is displayed.

On this screen you have access to the Interactive Help System and to the User Manual.

  1. Select the Help tab to ensure you are in the right place
  2. Enter a keyword in the search field to display a list of of help topics that include: 1) Interactive Help Guides, 2) User Manual help topics, and 3) Contacted help videos
  3. Select the User Manual link to go directly to the User and Administrative help manual.

The following screen image illustrates how help topics are listed:

Accessing Help from Individual Screens

Select the Help button located at the top of each individual screen to access display the Help screens shown above.

Interactive Help Illustration

When you enter a keyword to search for a help topic, a list of relevant Interactive links are displayed.

The Interactive Help System progressively guides you using a series of arrows that point to the screen on which a particular function is actioned. The following series of images illustrate the sequence.

Interactive help Tour

On the Start Page Help tab, you will find a menu of interactive help topics.