Home Page (Dashboard)

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Once you close the Start Page, Contacted.com displays the Home Page, commonly called the "Dashboard".

Its appearance, and the content it displays, may vary depending on how users customize Contacted.com.

An example of the Dashboard screen is shown in the following screen image.

The following screen components are included in this example:

       Main Menu

Home button

Quick Access Menu

Interactive help Button

Screen Identifier (Dashboard).

       Screen logo which, in the Contacted set-up process, can be changed to a specific company logo.

       Action bar with customizable Quick Action Buttons.

       Logout and Search buttons

       Perspective My Records button which allows users to show: 1) All Contacts in Perspective selection, or 2) Show only users in Perspective selection.

       All screen components below the screen logo and Action Bar are termed Applets. There are 20+ applets which can be selected and configured as user preferences.

IMPORTANT. Certain screen applets are automatically displayed on the Dashboard. These show current or pending Meetings, Tasks, Phone Call,

Examples of such applets on the Dashboard example shown above are Phone Call and Agenda. The Agenda applets identifies in red activities which are overdue.