Language & Translations

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Language and Translations

This is a powerful feature that makes is possible to translate part or the whole of to another language.

Access this function by selecting Administrator > Language and Translations in the Regional Settings section.

In the left-hand column of the screen, you will see a long and comprehensive list of English expressions used in

Proceed as follows to explore this function.

  1. In the Number of rows per page, select how many records you want to displayed on the page.
  2. Use the Next, Previous buttons to scroll through the records.
  3. In the Currently Translating drop-down menu, select the language to which you want to translate all or some of the entries.
  4. In the Filter drop-down menu, select to display one of: 1) Show all, 2) Show with custom translation, 3) Show with translation, or 4) Show without translation.
  5. The records translated to the specified language will be shown in the right-hand column.

You can select the Settings tab to change the default language shown in the left-hand column.

Default Language

Proceed as follows to set the default language for

  1. Select the Settings tab to display the following screen.

  1. I the Default Language drop-down menu, select the preferred language.
  2. In the Allow users to change language field, enable or disable this function.

Additional Functions

On the Action Bar, you can select one of the following functions: