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Launch Call Campaign

Before launching a Call Campaign, ensure all the campaign prerequisites have been set up. These prerequisites are explained in details in the topic categories List Manager, Call Campaigns > Create Call Campaign and Call Campaign Rules.

To launch a Call Campaign:

  1. Select Campaign > Call Campaigns from the Main Menu. A table of existing Call Campaigns is displayed.

  1. Click the Start Calling icon for the campaign you want to launch. The Call Script associated with the call campaign is displayed as shown below.

  1. Check that your Dialer is set for the correct protocol. If you wish to change the phone protocol, click Dialer and select the option you prefer. The options are shown in the following screen image.

  1. Click Start Auto-Call to initiate a call to the first contact on you Call List. If you click the Call button, the auto-dialer will be disabled and only one call will be completed.
  2. A better option is to select Start Auto-call to initiate the auto-call feature of the Contact Center.
  3. At appropriate stages of the phone conversation, click one of the branch links in your call script to display a scripted response.
  4. As each call is completed, select Call Disposition and record the result as one of: 1) Busy/No answer, 2) Call later, 3) Do bot call, 4) Interested, 5) Not interested, 6) Record update, 7) Referral, or 8) Wong/Disconnected number.

When this call has been completed, the auto-dialer will automatically call the second contact on your list. This is the premier method for achieving call productivity.



Call Dispositions can be amended or edited as an Administrative function. Access this function via Main Menu > Administrator > Common Data > Call Campaigns > Call Dispositions.