Mail Server Settings

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Mail Server Settings

There are two alternatives for managing email communication in

  1. You can send single emails manually via the host server. To do so, select Send Email from the Main Menu. Be aware, however, that bulk email transmission associated with an Email Campaign cannot be sent using this method.
  2. You can send bulk email to a contact list associated with an Email Campaign. To do so, you must use an external mail server, or send bulk mail via the MailChimp email marketing platform. The latter solution can be executed from within Bulk email transmission is integrated with Email Campaigns and the emails are sent automatically when the Email Campaign is launched.

Mail Server Settings for Manual Transmission

The default mail server setting in sends single emails via the host server. You can, however, configure and use an external mail server like Google Gmail,, and others. Users can place a Quick Access button on the dashboard Action Bar to automatically switch between the host server and an external mail server.

Mail Server Settings for Sending Emails

To configure to send single emails manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Administrator from the Main Menu
  2. Scroll down to the Features Configuration section and select Mail server settings. The configuration settings screen shown below is displayed.
  3. The two alternate settings are shown in the Choose Method fields in the following two screen images.

Configure the settings as follows:

  1. For Choose method,
    1. Select local php.ini settings to use the server.
    2. Select remote smtp server to use an external mail server.
  1. In the Administrative e-mail address field, enter your email address.
  2. In the Send e-mails from name field, enter your preferred "sender's name" listed on emails
  3. In the Set "Reply-To" email address, enter the email address to which sender replies will be directed.
  4. If configuring an external mail. server, complete the following additional settings:
    1. In the SMTP host address field, enter the host address supplied by the external mail server supplier.
    2. In the Security field, select SSL only if you have an encrypted link between the mail server and your web browser (SSL Certificate).
    3. Select the check box for SMTP authorization if users must enter login details when accessing the mail server. If so, you need to specify a User Id and password.

Mail Server Settings to Use External Bulk Mail Server

To configure for bulk email transmission, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Administrator from the Main Menu
  2. In the Features Configuration section, select Email Campaigns. The following screen is displayed.

  1. Select the Email Server Settings menu button. The configuration dialog box shown below is displayed.

  1. In the SMTP host address field, enter the host address supplied by the mail server provider.
  2. Select the checkbox for optional SMTP authorization if you want to submit login credentials every time the server is accessed.
  3. In the Server Limits section, specify restrictions that prevent server overload as follows:
    1. Limit the number of messaged sent per day.
    2. Limit the number of messages sent in one single bulk transmission.
    3. Limit the sending sessions by entering a delay in minutes.
  1. Click Save on the Action Bar.

Configure MailChimp as Your Email Marketing Platform

For information on how to configure the MailChimp email marketing platform, refer to the topic Third Party Integration > Mailchimp.