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Record Browser

The system record browser can be configured with a wide range of options including fields, caption, type, table view, tool tip, requirement, filter, export, parameters, value display, and value display as field generated.

To configure record sets, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Administrator > Common Data > Record Browser in the Data section.
  2. Select the record to be configured from the Recordset drop-down menu shown in the following screen image.

  1. The screen image below shows the record set for Companies, selected from the drop-down menu.

Tab Selections

The following configuration options can be accessed from the different tabs displayed on the screen.

Manage Records

Select the Manage Records tab to display records currently stored in the system.

  1. Select the View icon to view one of the records.
  2. Select the Edit icon to amend or delete a record.

Manage Add-ons

Use this screen to select the add-on menu buttons shown on screens that display this record set.

  1. Click the Eye icon to deactivate a particular add-on men button.
  2. Click the Arrow icon to select the sequence in which menu buttons are displayed.


Select the Permissions tab to display currently configured record permissions like View, Edit, Delete, and Export.

To add or edit permission rule:

  1. Select Add New Rule on Action Bar to add new rule.
  2. Select the Edit icon for the permission to be amended in the table of rules displayed
  3. Select Action from the Edit drop-down menu. Options include: 1) View, 2) Edit, 3) Add, 4) Delete, 5) Print, 6) Export, and 7) Selection.
  4. Select the Clearance Required as one of: 1) All users, 2) Admin, 3) Superadmin, or 4) Employee.
  5. In the Fields allowed area, select the check boxes for the record fields to which the permission applies.


Select the Settings tab to view the following settings for the selected record set.

Clipboard Pattern

Use this screen to enable or disable the shown clipboard pattern for the selected record set.

Select the Clipboard Pattern tab to configure this setting. The configuration of this browser setting may require the input from a developer.

Duplicate Records Criteria

Select the Duplicate Records Criteria tab to configure this record.

  1. Select the Enable Duplicate Addon checkbox if this feature is required.
  2. In the Criteria and Additional fields to display sections respectively, enable selections by moving them into the right-hand columns.
  1. Click Save Columns when finished.