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Record Result and Follow-Up Actions

Once a scheduled phone call has been completed, you can record the result and any required follow-up action.

  1. Select CRM > Phonecalls from the Main Menu. A table of phone call records is displayed.

  1. Click the View icon for the scheduled call listed in the table. The following screen is now displayed.
  2. The list shown can be filtered to one of: 1) Not Closed, 2) Open, 3) In Progress, 4) On Hold, or 5) Canceled.
  3. If you wish to view current details before adding more details, select the View icon, then select Edit button on the Action Bar.
  4. If you wish to edit without viewing, select the Edit icon for the required phone call in the table of meetings listed.
  5. To update the call status, set the Call Status to one of 1) Open, 2) In progress, 3) On hold, 4) Closed, or 5) Canceled.
  6. On the Phonecalls sub-menu, located below the Action bar, you can select 1) New Meeting, 2) New task, 3) New Phonecall, or 4) New Note.
  1. Click New Note and enter additional details if so required.