Record Result and Follow-Up Action

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Record Result and Follow-Up Action

At any time, you can change the task status, or record the result and any required follow-up action.

Select CRM > Tasks from the Main Menu to display a list of current tasks.

You have the following options to refine the search in order to find the task to be updated.

  1. If you wish to view task details, select the View icon, then select Edit button on the Action Bar. Alternatively, click the Edit icon for the task to be modified.
  2. Use the Advanced Search options to filter the tasks by: 1) Employees, 2) Status, or 3) Priority. Click the Show button.
  3. In the search fields located above the task list, filter the tasks displayed in the table as required.

View a Task

In the table of tasks, click the View icon to display the original screen on which the task was created.


The following options can be actioned on this screen:

  1. Select Edit on the Action Bar to modify or update the task details.
  2. Select and create New Meeting, New Task, New Phone Call, or New Note.
  3. View Alerts, Emails, Pending Tasks, and Notes.

Edit a Task

  1. On the Task View screen shown above, click Edit on the Action Bar. Alternatively, select the Edit icon in the list of tasks displayed (see first screen image above).
  2. Edit the task details as required.
  3. View Pending Tasks as well as Notes and Documents relative to the task.