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Related Record Sets

What are related records? A typical scenario may unfold as follows:

There are three separate screens on which you can create related records. To access these screens, select Administrator and find the screens in the Data section.

  1. Phone Calls Related
  2. Meetings Related
  3. Tasks Related

The process of created related records for Phone Calls, Meetings, and Tasks is identical to the example shown below.

Example of Meeting Records Related to Phone Call Records

To start the process:

  1. Select Administrator > Phone Calls Related in the Data section. The Phone Calls Related Recordsets screen shown below is displayed..

  1. Click New on the Action Bar.

  1. In the Recordset drop-down menu, select Meetings to relate the Phone Call record to a Meeting record.
  2. Click Save on the Action bar. The following shows conforms Phone Call record is now related to a Meeting record.

  1. On the Action Bar, click the Back button to display the following screen on which you can see that a Meeting recordset has been added to Phone Calls Related Recordsets.

Finally, when accessing the Meetings screen, the related Phone Call record will be listed as shown in the following screen image.