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Schedule Phone Calls

To schedule and phone call and record the outcome and any required follow-up actions, proceed as follows:

  1. Select CRM > Phone Calls from the Main Menu.
  2. Click New on the Action Bar. The following screen is displayed

  1. In the Subject field, enter the purpose for the call.
  2. In the Customer field, start typing a customer name. Provided the customer exists as a contact, this field will auto-complete.
  3. In the Employees field, assign the call to yourself or to an employee.
  4. In the Description field, describe the background and purpose of this call.
  5. In the Date and Time field, schedule the date and time for this call.
  6. As an option, you can click New Note to enter explanation or reminder notes.
  7. When complete, click Save.

Continue to the next topic for information on how to record result and required follow-up actions.