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Screen Navigation

The screen navigation system is flexible and can be customized to to suit user preferences.

The following navigational features are available

The Action Bar on the dashboard can be customized by adding Quick Access buttons. However, only the Dashboard Action Bar can be customized. On any other screen, it is context sensitive and fixed.

Customizing Navigation

Menu items for the Quick Access menu, and Quick Action buttons for the Action Bar and Launchpad can be added through on single Control Panel interface.

To configure screen navigation:

  1. From the Main Menu, select My Setting > Control panel.
  2. On the Control Panel screen, click the Quick Access.
  3. On the selection panel screen displayed, select button and the placement preferred.

The following screens illustrate.

Menu Items and Quick Access buttons can be set to appear on the Dashboard (home page) Action Bar, Quick Access menu, and on the Launchpad. The Launchpad is itself a Quick Access button which can be placed on the Dashboard Action Bar.

The screen image below shows only a small part of the menu options listed on this page

There are three Quick Access options as shown on the above image. These options are: 1) Quick Access menu, 2) Quick Access button on Dashboard Action Bar, and 3) Quick Access button on the Launchpad.

  1. Select the first check box labeled Menu to create and place items on a Quick Access menu. It becomes a drop-down menu like the Main Menu.
  2. Select the second check box labeled Dashboard to place a Quick Access button on the Dashboard Action Bar.
  3. Select the third check box labeled Launchpad to place a Quick Access button on the Launchpad.

Quick Access Menu

The Quick Access menu is located on the Dashboard top bar. It is a drop-down menu.


The Launch Pad is a quick access navigation panel on which you can place Quick Access buttons.

To easiest way to access and use the Launchpad is to place a Launchpad Quick Access button to it on the Action Bar of the Home page.