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Sending Single Email Manually

This is a method to send single email through the host server. This does not require you to set up an external mail server, or to send via MailChimp.

  1. Select Email from the Main Menu. The email form is shown below.
  2. Enter the mail message in the top editor window, and your email signature in the bottom editor window.

  1. Select an existing email template from the Email Templates list, or create a new email without using a template.
  2. Start typing contact name into the Recipient  field. The recipient's name and email address will be automatically inserted if stored in the database.        
  3. Insert Data Merge fields as required:

a) Select Target to display and enter data merge.fields for the mail message.

b) Select Employee to display and enter data merge field for the email signature.

  1. Enter mail text and format using the editor tool bar.
  2. Select Attachments > Attach  if any attachment should be sent with the email.
  3. Click Save and Send if you want to send the email immediately.