Using Search

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Using Search

Search functions with several options are displayed on all screens. The system offers three different search functions.

  1. Basic search
  2. Advanced search
  3. Guided search (a tutorial type search)

Basic Search

The basic search function is shown in the following image.

You have two options on how to perform a search.

  1. Leave the search field empty and click Search. Enter a keyword in the search field and click Search.  Be aware that you need to enter a search phrase (keyword) that has an association with a help system topic, or with records stored in the CRM database.
  2. The following search screen is displayed.

  1. Enter a search phrase into the keyword field on top of the screen. If you already did so on the first screen, the keyword field will be populated with the same phrase.
  2. Click one or more of the required check boxes to select: 1) Companies, 2) Contacts, 3) Phone Calls, 4) Files or 5) Downloads.
  3. Click Search.
  4. In the list of records retrieved, click the record you wish to inspect. The full details will be displayed on a separate screen

Advanced Search

Advanced search is context sensitive and only available on screens where a specific condition or status can be entered as a search parameter.

An example of advanced search for contacts is shown below.

Search contacts

  1. From the Main Menu, select CRM > Contacts.
  2. Select Advanced Search to display the following screen.

  1. In  the Contacts drop-down menu, confine your search to: 1) All, 2) Recent, 3) Favorites, or 4) Watched.
  2. In Advanced Search, confine your search to one or more of the following: 1) Company Name, 2) Category, 3) Status, or 4) Record Manager.
  3. Select Show to show records that correspond to conditions entered.
  4. Select Show All to clear condition and show all Contacts.

Advanced Search by Screen

For other screens, the following search conditions can be selected in  Advanced Search.