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View Companies

To view a company record:

  1. Click the Companies Quick Access button on the Dashboard Action Bar (if added to the Action Bar).
  2. Alternatively, select CRM > Contacts from the Main Menu. The following screen is displayed.

You have 5 options to filter or refine the view.

  1. Select the Watch button on the Action Bar to add a Category selection option to the screen..
  2. From the Companies drop-down menu, select: 1) All, 2) Recent, 3) Favorites, or 4) Watched.
  3. To view an individual company, select the first icon in the list of companies listed.
  4. In the Categories drop-down menu, select a Category and press Show to limit the listed companies to one single category.
  5. Select the Advanced Search button to further refine the listing. The following dialog is displayed with  Advanced Search. On this screen, you can search companies by:

       a) Company Name

       b) Phone

       c) Categories

       d) Ciy

       e) State and Region

Filter the Companies View

You can filter the view by selecting company name, category, status, and perspective.

  1. From the Main Menu, select CRM > Companies or click the Companies Quick Access button on the Action Bar.
  2. On the screen illustrated below, click the Watch Quick Access button.

To filter the records to display only what you wish to view, use one of the following alternatives:

  1. From the Companies drop-down menu, select one of 1) All, 2) Recent, 3) Favorites, or 4) Watched.
  2. In the Company text field, enter a Company Name.
  3. From the Categories drop-down menu, select one of 1) Customer, 2) Developer, 3) Field staff, 4) Office staff, or 5) any other category you have added to the system.
  4. From the Status drop-down menu, select one of 1) Open, 2) New Lead, 3) Assigned, 4) Prospect, 5) Customer, 6) Canceled Customer, 7) Reseller, 8) Dealer, 9) Duplicate, or 10) Delete Duplicate.
    1. Find records by Search or Advanced Search.
  1. Click Show.

View or Work with Single Records

As shown in the above image, each individual record has a number of icons on the left-hand side.

To view record details for an individual company, click the 1st icon to view company details, the 2ns icon to edit company details.

The following Contact screen is shown.

This is the original screen on which the company details were entered.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Choose an action from the Action Bar.
  2. Click a button next to the Contacts bar to view or enter: 1) New Meeting, 2) New Task, 3) New Phonecall, or 4) New Sales Opportunity.
  3. Click one of the green menu items below the record details to view: 1) New Notes or Documents, 2) Sales Opportunities, 3) E-Mails, 4) E-mail addresses, 5) Activities, 6) Lists, or 7) Addresses.
  4. Print or export company details, or add new company.