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View Contact

To view contacts:

  1. Click the Contacts Quick Access button on the Dashboard Action Bar (if added to the Action Bar).
  2. Alternatively, select Menu > CRM > Contacts.
  3. On the Add Contact screen, click Watch on the Action Bar.

The following screen is displayed.

Filter the Contact View

You can filter the contacts to view as follows:

  1. In the Contacts field drop-down menu, select one of: 1) All, 2) Recent, 3) Favorites, or 4) Watched.
  2. In Advanced Search fields, select one or more of the following options:
    1. In the Contacts field, select one of 1) All, 2) Recent, 3) Favorites, or 4) Watched.
    2. In the Company text field, enter a Company Name.
    3. From the Categories drop-down menu, select a category. Leave blank, select a default category, or one you have created.
    4. From the Status drop-down menu, select one of 1) Open, 2) New Lead, 3) Assigned, 4) Prospect, 5) Customer, 6) Canceled Customer, 7) Reseller, 8) Dealer, 9) Duplicate, or 10) Delete Duplicate.

e  Click Show.

  1. In the Search Bar located at the top of the Contact list, enter on or more of the 10 search parameters listed.

View or Work with Single Records

As shown in the image shown below, each individual record in the table has a number of icons on the left-hand side.

To view record details for an individual contact, click the 2nd button (see arrow).

The screen shown below is displayed.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Choose an action from the Action Bar such as: 1) Copy Company Data, 2) Edit, 3) Delete, or 4) Send Mail.
  2. Click a button on the Contacts bar to view or enter details about: 1) Meeting, 2) Task, 3) Phonecall, or 4) Sales Opportunity.
  3. Click one of the green menu items below the record details to view:

a) Details. View home or residential data associated with this contact,

b) User Account. View details (if active),

c) Notes and  Documents, View or add.

d) Sales Opportunities,  View or add.

e) Emails. View emails associated with this contact,

f) Email Addresses. View or add  for this contact,

g) Activities. View activities such as Meetings, Tasks and Phone Calls associated with this contact,

h) Lists. Add contact to existing list, create new list, and view existing lists by alphabetical order,

j)  Addresses. View addresses associated with this contact.